Jennifer Garcia


Rigoberto Moreira

Wedding Party

Melissa Moreira

Maid of Honor

Melly is Rigo's favorite sister and Jenny's favorite maid of honor =D
She's sweet, caring, and is always up for adventures traveling around the world. You can catch her socializing with everyone at the wedding!

Daniel Velazquez

Best Man

Danny is Rigo’s best friend and his best man!
He’s reliable and hilarious, he’s always up to camp out for an amazing pair of sneakers and a fun conversation about the Lakers! You can catch him socializing with the everyone at the wedding.

Clarissa Avina


Clarissa is Jenny's cousin, but really the sister Jenny never had. She loves to cook, sing, and watch Korean dramas. She's very shy, so you can most likely catch her at her table at the wedding! LOL

Andres Velazquez


Andy is Rigo groomsman and happens to be Danny younger brother. Andy and Rigo share a deep love good food and both are foodies naturally you can see they became friends quickly. Andy happens to also be Rigo’s go to insurance agent cause we all know Rigo needs it because of his clumsiness. You can catch Andy at the photo booth getting the perfect pic.

Jaklen Keshishyan


Jack-o and Jenny met the first day of organic chemistry during undergrad years of college. Jack was/is an overachiever already asking for future reading assignments on the first day, leading Jenny to realize she needed this in her life. Jack-o is also hands down the best host of her home that Jenny has ever met, seriously! You can catch her with her very eccentric dance moves on the floor!

Jeremy Ekwueme


Jeremy and Rigo met there freshman year of high school. They are the best of friends and consider each other family. Jeremy is the most dependable and reliable person you can ever meet. Jeremy is a food connoisseur and can definitely tell you a couple things about amazing dishes and restaurants. You can catch Jeremy by the bar having a good time.

Yvess Gharibi


Eve and Jenny also met the first day of organic chemistry during undergrad years of college.

Mario Rosas


Mario and Rigo met when Mario was a freshmen and Rigo was a senior in high school. He is caring and dependable and always down do enjoy a good conversation about cars. He’s a hardworking person always striving to achieve success. You can catch Mario by the bar.

Alina Moayer


Hector Alvarado


Hector is Rigo’s groomsman and older brother that he never had! Hector and Rigo go back to when they worked at Costco in there teens, they have always looked out for each other and have some hilarious stories through there years of friendship. You can catch Hector by the bar enjoying good drinks.
Bonjour Berry